Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Drontech Agriculture helps to form immediate insights to diagnose any disease or to propose locations suitable for the simplest product placement. UAVs in agriculture enable agronomists and contract seed growers to make good decisions impacting the standards of the seeds. Drontech Agriculture has great potential to support and address a number of the foremost pressing problems faced by agriculture in terms of access to actionable real-time quality data. Drontech Agriculture incorporates a huge potential in agriculture in supporting evidence-based planning and in spatial data collection.

Precision farming is based on sensor data and imaging with real-time data analytics to boost plant productivity thanks to spatial mapping that improves productivity. Data collected through drones provide the much-needed wealth of raw data to activate analytical models for agriculture. In supporting precision farming, drones can do soil health scans, monitor crop health, assist in planning irrigation schedules, apply fertilizers, estimate yield data, and provide valuable data for weather analysis. Data collected through drones combined with other data sources and analytic solutions provide actionable information.

Key Benefits

drones make it easier to watch crops and maximize yields 

drones give farmers real-time aerial views and data to identify the condition of plant soil and health 

UAV helps to make decisions f.e. to identify an area that lacks irrigation or crops that are sprouting better than expected, so any data will be collected and reviewed to optimize all of the processes. 

real-time 3d maps and models 

to stay fields full, healthy, and prepared for seasons to come back

mapping and analyzing crops 

real-time mapping


Analysis of soils and drainage, crop health assessment
Soil and field analysis
Crop monitoring
Health assessment